Our mission is to help small businesses get paid faster

It’s fast and simple
Invoicetemplate.co.uk help small businesses get paid faster by simplifying and speeding up the billing process. It takes only 2 minutes to create, send and get paid. All you have to do is create an invoice, select the client you want to invoice. You input the amount of hours or products you provided. Select a due date, click and send and the invoice arrives electronically to the client.
Invoicing Automation.
Probably the greatest advantage that online invoicing has is automation. This means that you can set-up recurring payments for long-term clients.The automation system sends follow-ups and payment reminders for upcoming and past-due invoices. Automating these tasks saves you a ton of time and money and you can focus on get paid.
Deal with many currencies and languages from any corner of the world.
A freelancer in the UK can bill their client in China. A customer in Kenya can order a t-shirt from a company in Canada. Select your preferred currency and language. Our invoicing and payments system makes your competitive edge much more convenient.
Instant delivery = faster payments.
It takes a matter of seconds to send invoices online and they’re even faster if you use recurring billing. In addtion, if you want to, you can allow your customers to pay by credit card. Your customer will then not only have access to your invoice within seconds, he or she will also be able to effortlessly pay it within minutes. No longer will you be waiting months for a client to receive, review, and return an invoice via e-mail. Your invoices are sent instantly. Invoices sent faster and faster means compensation is also received faster and faster.
Be professional, use online invoice invoicing software.
Online invoicing gives your business a more modern and professional look and feel. It provides an image and an impression on your clients and customers that matches your services you are providing. When you send a paper invoice by traditonal mail or a simple invoice template by e-mail, there will be weeks before your client pays it. When sending an invoice online, your customer has access to it seconds after you click the send button. You can even know when you client viewed the invoice, Invoicetemplate.co.uk alerts you when your client has veiewed your invoice.